Chris in Huntington - Loco Motion New York


Christopher has always been a general athlete, never sticking to one sport or idea. As he got older he was looking for something with longevity built into the practice. After entering the CrossFit world and becoming a coach, he found the Ido Portal method. Instantly intrigued, he started to attend workshops, movement camp, and began some online coaching. Chris is a dedicated father and practitioner. He is always working on himself in various disciplines to ensure clarity of the work and practice he is providing the students with. Having a son allows him to share his movement practice in a life setting. He is able to play, jump, crawl, roll, teach, and share an abundance of experiences with his son.

“Being able to share what I do with my son is a beautiful thing. I want to keep this body going so I can share these moments for as long as I am around”

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