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  • Movers of Loco Motion - Vincent

    Movers of Loco Motion - Vincent

    " I am stronger now than I've probably ever been. It’s more than that. I’ve become more aware of myself." Vincent or "Vin" is the epitome of consistency. He has been showing his face at 6pm since the day the doors opened and is even here on Sundays. He is a 7 days a week kind of guy when his schedule allows. Vin has made leaps and bounds from his starting point and continues to make small changes every day. You will see him seriously working in "his corner" minding his business and pushing through the uncomfortable positions. You will see him smiling when we play, showing off his coordination and quick hands & feet. You will see him reflecting at the end of class ....

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  • Why you always suck at everything you do

    Why you always suck at everything you do

    “I always suck at everything I do!” I catch myself saying this a lot. In fact, all the time. I always feel like I am terrible at the things I am working on. One arm handstands, one arm chins, acrobatics, mobility, and more. Once I started to recognize this pattern of behavior I realized something pretty inspirational. It’s true. I really do suck at most things I am working on and although it seems counter-intuitive, it is the reason I know I am making progress. You see, I typically reflect on my training in 6-18 week blocks and I have found a trend. I am usually pretty bad at something when I start, and I gradually get better at that thing over a ....

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  • A movement practice at 11 years old.

    A movement practice at 11 years old.

    Out of the many questions we get one of the more common is "What do you mean by all levels and ages?". In an attempt to answer this without technically answering it we have shared one of our students Mackenzies practice over the last few days. Mackenzie is not just an ordinary student. She is 11 years old, and has the physical skill-set of a future olympic gymnast. So, everything must be easy for her right? WRONG. Mackenzie practices MOVEMENT with us - not just gymnastics. Movement is not based on Stalder presses and Chin-ups. It is a part yes, but most people fail to understand that not having these skills does not mean that "movement" is not for you. At just 11 years old she has ....

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  • Why your pyramid is small and needs a better foundation.

    Why your pyramid is small and needs a better foundation.

    Something that has come to my attention after 7 years of coaching others is that almost all people neglect the importance of two critical factors that go hand in hand. Foundation and Training age. We will cover foundation in todays post. The REASON for this disregard is that most people who come to me are either taking up training for the first time, or are finally exiting the “fitness” approach of calories burned and 30 minute elliptical sessions with no change. It’s ignorance, but ignorance is a state and not a quality. We can educate ourselves and that is what I seek to help you do here. When I refer to foundation I am describing that which their skill ....

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  • Fast food, fast fitness, fast track to depression and emptiness.

    Fast food, fast fitness, fast track to depression and emptiness.

    We live in a worl-….culture, which is not slowly, but very quickly sucking the life out of us, the joy out of waking up alive another day, and the sense of achievement of overcoming a monumental obstacle. We have moved away from prioritizing a healthy lifestyle such as traditional dishes and preparation of foods and replaced them with a standard american diet, removed the preparation by picking it up from a drive through, and driving to the next appointment. We have no idea where our food comes from, we just care that its cooked and eaten in under 10 minutes. Whether vegan or carnivore or whatever, the disrespect for the unlimited food supply we have at any times is the real ....

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  • Join Us For The Best Kids Fitness in Huntington!

    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Huntington with Kids Fitness!
    At Loco Motion New York, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next! We are offering Huntington a hands-on approach to Kids Fitness. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Loco Motion New York and see for yourself what makes us the best Kids Fitness facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! ....

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