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Researching your injuries

So, I got injured last Saturday. I couldn’t lift my arm over my head, my neck was stiff, and I couldn’t turn/rotate my spine at …

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Is there anything that holds us back from asking for help?

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Where will you be by 2030? Looking ahead a decade (and back).

Looking ahead and back – to be better in the present moment.

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Finding inspiration and sharing it with you

I had a lot of thoughts swirl around in my head this week. I want to elaborate on so many things and educate you all …

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The Diagonal Stretch

Developing an understanding of the diagonal stretch.

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The driver and the mechanic

Discussing the difference between the “driver” and the “mechanic”.

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The warm-up; Part 2 : The specific warm-up

This week we explore the concept of a specific warm-up.

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The warm-up; An approach for movers of all levels

This week we discuss the warm-up and its effects on training sessions.

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Only fools pay for cardio

Examining the cost of modern cardio and a cheaper and more effective alternative.

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How yoga makes you stiff

Looking inside yoga and addressing the limitations, while providing solutions to continue the practice.

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