Using the Value Triangle for your goals

I constantly ask myself – Do you REALLY want it? 

If you are not familiar with the “Value Triangle” I am going to elaborate a bit.

There are three things that make up value:⁠

– Quality⁠
– Speed/Time⁠
– Cost/Price⁠

So, when someone says…⁠

“I want results as fast as possible.”⁠

They are telling you that SPEED is important to them. And, if you want excellent coaching to get you those fast results, the cost will likely be high.⁠

If someone says “I want to work with proven coaches who get results.”⁠

They are telling you that QUALITY is important. Quality often takes time, and can be a high cost as well.⁠

When someone says “I need to cost to be as low as possible.” ⁠

They HAVE to realize that QUALITY and/or SPEED will be reduced.⁠

So, where do you fall on the spectrum, and what can you learn from this?⁠

I will tell you the worst option of all…DO NOTHING!

That will ensure you go nowhere FAST, miss opportunity COST, and reduce your QUALITY of life.⁠

Are you focused on your goals? Or are you distracting yourself?

An exercise for you:

So, below is a quick exercise to audit the direction you are going.

A1. Sit quietly and reflect for 2 minutes on where you are currently. Are you content with your direction & progress? Are you feeling like you are executing action items daily and living by your true values & principles?

B1. Begin a 5 min stream of consciousness on paper or computer, writing or typing any thoughts that come up in relation to your reflection.

Some prompts to work with:
– You are writing a letter to yourself in either past, present, or future tense.
– Or, you are writing to yourself as if you are someone else responsible for helping you.
– Lastly, you type the words appearing in your head, even if its completely incoherent.
– Just keep flowing!

C1. Reflect and note any patterns you find, delusions you are buying into, or excuses that seem to always repeat themselves like:

“Now is not a good time.”

“When I get past this thing, then I can X.”

These are really just distractions; distractions from the deep introspective work that limits us from unleashing the massive potential that is our life.

Keep moving – and use the Value Triangle to help you answer…

Do you really want what you say you want? Or do you want your excuses more?

Lets move together,


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