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I’m an avid skier and cyclist and have been following Ido Portal for quiet a while only to find Kevin Neglia, a student of Ido’s and the movement culture, right in my neighborhood. This is just what I’ve been looking for; a very unique and a much more holistic approach to mental and physical fitness encompassing strength, flexibility, agility, cardio, focus and overall long-term health and wellness.

The onboarding was a great experience and Kevin is an exceptionally knowledgeable and patient teacher. I’m just a few classes in now and truly amazed by the improvement in my fitness level and my cycling in such a short time.



Over the last several years my exercise training reached a plateau but I felt there had to be more. From the moment I stepped into LocoMotion I knew I found what I had been searching for, and then some.

I never would have thought I could find a place that can not only take my physical training to a new level but open my mind to a whole to way of thinking.

I have learned all my limitations are in my mind and if I stop the excuses I can achieve anything I can imagine.

The different style and techniques the three teachers bring to their classes provides a perfect balance of Physical, Mental and Spiritual awakenings that cannot be explained but understood the minute you walk into the studio. It is a must to experience by all.



There is nothing quite like Loco Motion offered anywhere on Long Island. This place is completely unique, as are the classes and the students who fill the room. There is an energy of focus, commitment, curiosity, discovery and patience as we all progress differently in our practice.

It never feels like a “workout” to me, but a process of self-discovery and having fun.

I come to class to feel good, and Loco Motion never disappoints.

By breaking down the movements and re-teaching ourselves how to move in the most natural, ‘organic’ form, as well as reminding ourselves of basic, face-to-face human interaction, we all get one step closer to connecting to our humanity each time we come to class.


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