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Personal Training Dix Hills

Alison P.

Personal Training Dix Hills

Maria S.

Personal Training Dix Hills

Over the last several years my exercise training reached a plateau but I felt there had to be more. From the moment I stepped into Loco Motion I knew I found what I had been searching for, and then some. I never would have thought I could find a place that can not only take my physical training to a new level but open my mind to a whole to way of thinking. I have learned all my limitations are... Read More

Karen N.

Personal Training Dix Hills

Group Fitness

Take on our dynamic Movement Training program and enjoy an individualized path to improved health and wellness. We're helping people all across Huntington build strength, improve your agility, and stay active like never before.

Personal Training Dix Hills

Kids Fitness

Our Kids Fitness program is designed to help students build confidence, stay active, and have FUN! Join us in Huntington for the best combination of gymnastics, martial arts, dance, parkour, and more!

Personal Training Dix Hills

Personal Training

Our Private Training program is designed to pair you with a professional coach and set you up for success from day one. We're helping people all across Huntington and Dix Hills have fun getting fit!

Loco Motion New York

Loco Motion New York is a community-based movement practice. We do not approach our practice with a ‘one size fits all’ standard. Each student receives individualized work and instruction based on their current ability to perform the tasks given. Through a movement practice, we develop the body and mind using tools within many disciplines. We are focused on general development of the person and the group. Our system is designed to meet the needs of men, women, and children all across our community. We are proud to work with all experience levels.

Personal Training Dix Hills
Loco Motion New York

So What Do We Do At Loco Motion New York?

Truthfully, It's Different For Everyone

Customized Movement Training in Huntington - Loco Motion New York

Customized Movement Training

In our system, we work hard to offer individualized instruction for each and every person. We know that every body is different and we intend to find the solution that works best for you.

Hands-On Coaching in Huntington - Loco Motion New York

Hands-On Coaching

Gone are the days of going at it alone. We're here to guide you through every step of the process end the guesswork that plagues so many fitness routines.

Dynamic Fitness Strategies in Huntington - Loco Motion New York

Dynamic Fitness Strategies

We take a different approach than most when it comes to exercise and fitness training. But one of the biggest priorities for our system is making sure you never get too comfortable. We're here to keep you on your toes.

Ongoing Support & Accountability in Huntington - Loco Motion New York

Ongoing Support & Accountability

From day one, we've got your back. Our system is designed to build you up and help you enjoy small successes along the way. We're helping you stay on track to your ultimate goals.

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