Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness.

As some of our students already know – gratitude practice is a BIG part of our movement practice. We are constantly reflecting on little victories and our entire practice is based on the premise that “we have this body, let us use it!”

This morning I woke up and took a shower at about 5:20am. I don’t sleep with my phone in the room so I don’t look at it when I get up. When I finally went downstairs I saw it lighting up and I realized by the name it must be an emergency. I picked up, and it was. I rushed out of the house and was able to help out, even if in a small way. If I was not awake, I would have never received the call, and it would have ruined someones day.

I am grateful that I was awake to help others.

Yesterday, most of the world mourned the loss of Kobe Bryant, a personal childhood hero and icon. I won’t be writing up much about him, but he meant about as much to me as someone can that I haven’t met. I grew up idolizing him and he inspired me to work harder than anyone on the basketball court when I was younger. I would literally listen to lyrics about Kobe when I would train and pretend I was him, putting in the work while no one was watching.

I am grateful for his inspiration and drive to be better, making me a better person.

On New Years Eve a very young student of mine who I care deeply about texted me that they were in the hospital. It was very serious. One day they were practicing handstands and muscle-ups, the next they were confined to a hospital bed. I am extremely happy to report that they are making a full recovery.

I am grateful for the health of my students and for this body I have now. It can be taken from us without warning. I am grateful for the strength of this particular student and their desire to recover and come back stronger than ever. That is rare.

Yesterday I achieved a movement I have been training over 3 years for, yes, you read that correctly. I have put faith in my teachers time and time again and it has paid off 10 times over. I believe I can achieve literally anything that I want to – physically, mentally, emotionally. I believe the gift of process has carried over into every area of my life, and allows me to be better for myself and other people.

I am grateful for my teachers, and the lessons I have learned from them, allowing me to be a better ME.

I have a task for you today.

I want you to write down on paper THREE things you are grateful for today, an exercise we have done in the studio many times. I want you to connect to them emotionally, as I have above. Find a moment in your life and connect it with gratitude. It can be very simple; for example, I am grateful for my dogs every single day and the joy they bring into my life. It can also be more serious.

However, it MUST be one thing in particular…