Student Success Stories – Ben’s 1st Muscle-Up!

Don’t wait to achieve your goals. Read below to learn how much Ben has progressed with our On-boarding!

Today, we want to celebrate Ben’s incredible progress and share his inspiring journey with you. Just last week, Ben accomplished his very first muscle-up during our Rings class, marking a significant milestone in his movement journey. 🎉

When Ben joined us six months ago, he started with our personalized personal training onboarding option. Through six tailored one-on-one sessions, we gained a deep understanding of his goals, background, and any previous injuries. This initial phase laid the foundation for his success.

Building upon his personal training experience, Ben seamlessly integrated into our vibrant group classes, attending twice a week consistently for several months now. Not only does he benefit from the energizing group atmosphere and camaraderie, but he also doubled his weekly training time, dedicating two hours to transform his life. And if you’re in Huntington, NY, our gym is conveniently located right in your backyard!

Ben at the top of the gymnastics rings.
Ben performing his first muscle-up!

Why did Ben start with Personal Training first? 🤔

Regardless of your fitness level or experience, it’s perfectly fine not to know where to start. That’s where we come in! Our highly experienced teachers excel at quickly developing an understanding of your body, identifying your unique tendencies, and designing a personalized training program specifically for you. With our keen eye, we help uncover any “blind spots” you might have, ensuring your progress is consistent and reduces injury-risk. Here are the key benefits of starting with our onboarding program:

1️⃣ Individualized Programming

Our one-on-one sessions allow us to focus on your weaknesses, leverage your strengths, and establish a baseline for your learning pace. Even seasoned athletes are challenged with new movements at the beginning. Beginners need not worry because we tailor the program to suit your needs. 😊

2️⃣ Flexible Scheduling

Consistency is the cornerstone of building a new habit, and we understand life can get busy. Our personal training sessions offer flexible scheduling options, ensuring you don’t miss a session, even if rescheduling becomes necessary.

3️⃣ Specific Goals

While group classes are fun and foster new connections, our onboarding program allows us to customize your training to target your specific goals. Whether you want to master a handstand or rehabilitate and strengthen a troublesome hip, we prioritize what matters most to you. (Just last month, we successfully helped a student recover from a challenging high hamstring injury!)

When working one-on-one we can spend a lot of time working on your particular weaknesses, learn your strengths, and set a baseline for how quickly you learn new things. Since we teach a lot of new movements early on, even experienced athletes will be stumped. That isn’t meant to worry beginners, because after all – that’s why we individualize 🙂

Remember, enjoying your fitness journey and achieving early wins in areas you want to improve are vital for long-term commitment. 😄

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Keep moving and embrace the power of personalized training at Locomotion!

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Start your transformation today, and watch new possibilities in your life unfold! 💪

Keep moving,

The Locomotion Team

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