The Flashlight Perspective: How we deal with hidden areas of stiffness, weakness, and blind spots.

A flashlight brings what was once in the dark…

Q: What is this “flashlight perspective”?

A: We refer to the Flashlight Perspective whenever we are confronted by an unknown or unforeseen weakness, stiffness, or injury. The flashlight perspective gives us power over our situation. It becomes a useful tool.

When we are practicing movement, students are exposed to positions and angles of load that are new for their body. While over time it’s obvious that this exposure will make you stronger; it may expose things in the short term. So, how do we approach this?

Thanks to intelligent programming, tasks, and games, we “illuminate” these issues. They bubble to the surface of our awareness, and become an ally as opposed to the monster lurking below the surface.

Initially, a fairly normal reaction is that people are upset or frustrated when they uncover these issues. Sometimes, they will suffer a minor injury or incur some inflammation while practicing. Do not let these words scare you. Even muscle soreness is “injury” to the tissue.

It’s a spectrum…

Think not of “injured” and “healthy” as binary, but rather, how injured or how healthy am I?

When uncovering these issues with the “flashlight perspective”, we tell students this…

“We posit an alternative; It is simply information, and now you are better equipped to understand yourself and improve your future capability.”

See how this perspective gives us our power back. It allows us to be the explorers of our potential, and not the victims of our own bodies. Trust me, our tissues do not love being in pain 😉

to light; with a new perspective…

Go ahead. Start practicing. Bring light to the dark corners of your body. Try new things, lift new loads, go into new ranges of motion. Explore, connect the dots, and always keep moving.

You will discover lots along the way!

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