Reflecting on our Breathwork workshop

Last Saturday – we had 30 people in the studio for a workshop with one of our students & teachers Morgan.

March 4th workshop led my Morgan

What transpired was something quite amazing!

If you want to learn how Breathwork, sound work, and movement transformed these people over 2 hours…keep reading. 

First, I must say this. 

Making sound is UNCOMFORTABLE for some of us. Just as some of us struggle to move our spines freely, expressively, and in public.

We often “cloak” our movement from others in fear of judgement. So, imagine how much more we do this with our voice & vocal cords. The “window” to our soul!

However, what we gain in societal acceptance we often lose in connection to our selves. Depriving the body of the internal massages it needs to stay vibrant & healthy. 

For some people it was the vibrations of these internal structures that helped them “scrape off rust” from their windpipes, or “open up their airways”. 

For others, it was the emotional outlet and expression of being HEARD through expelling this air with sounds, whether coherent or not.

After all, what can be said without language?

Turns out, a lot. 

Imagine for a moment:

What sound might a really curious person say as they squint their eyes and turn their head – while you tell them a new fact.

What sound might escape from a giddy child when you tell them you are going to the Ice Cream Parlor.

Now, imagine a Charlie Chaplin bit – a true master of his art who captured SO much and also consistency communicated stories through movement.

So, why do I tell you all this?

Because we are silencing ourselves.

Silencing our movements until we are but steel poles for spines.

Silencing our voices until we all walk lock-step in opinion & tone. 

And worst of all – silencing the expression that beckons to come out.

Now – GO MOVE! And tell your inner child I sent you.