Why We All Need Coaches

I have had coaches my entire life.

Yes! Me, the guy who owns the gym that coaches other people.

In fact, I believe it has been the #1 reason for my success in continually progressing in my fitness, strength, flexibility, and more.

The same would go for many areas of life, but today I want to share why having coaches for your physical training is SO important.

  1. Great coaches turn exercises into tasks & games.

This is a basic but extremely important skill. While one trainer may stand back, watch, count reps, and move on – a great coach will more often watch, note possible improvements, and then adjust.

They may give you a target, tasks, focus, or “gamify” the scenario to challenge your brain & body to solve a problem beyond just “going through the motions. They may “block” movement as in “avoid my hand, or this object.” Other great tools include a point to reach for, or move away from.

Just this weekend I got some coaching on my pancake stretch.

This is a movement we train in the studio to improve our hip flexibility for loads of movements like squatting, kicking, and simply resting on the floor comfortably.

Garrett was visiting from San Diego this weekend, and we took the time to train together. Above, you see him creating a target for me, and making me push THROUGH the hands.

This creates an external focus for me. That external focus leads to me actually INCREASING my range of motion, giving my body a real reason to use this end range. When my body has a reason to use a range, you bet it will start adapting to it!

Now, MOST of the work is going to be sets & reps, as you won’t always have this partner or coach available, but ask yourself if you are being given this push or this challenge from time to time.
I know I needed it! And I know I will need it again in the future. I always have, and always will have coaches in my corner!

I will touch on the second reason why we need coaches next time!

Talk soon,