Student Highlight

This week we wanted to share some wins from our students!

The other week our Student Angelique got her FIRST EVER CHIN-UP.

She described it as a bit surreal, since she had working on it for a long time and wasn’t sure…

“Will I ever achieve this skill?”

Check out the video on our instagram below:

We’ve been helping people achieve their first chin-up for 5 years now and we have stories to tell & more future students to help. We decided we wanted to share a bit about how we helped Angelique get there, in hopes it will help you as well.

1. Identify the goal and test a Baseline, then create a plan.

Identifying the goal means helping our students understand what it means to achieve a chin-up, dip, etc. and what the standards really are to definitively say “I achieved X.” Once we agree, we set a baseline by following this process.

Can you hang? What about the ability to hold yourself at the top? How easily can you lower yourself down with control? If you can pull out of the bottom, how far up before you fail?

With this information, we can create a tailored plan to the individual to get there lightning fast & without dreaded injuries kicking us back two steps.

2. Utilize isometrics/statics, along with eccentric, then assisted.

With Angelique, we took the time to build up strength in the various phases of the chin-up. First, we developed her hanging strength to improve her scapular stability & strength. At the same time, we worked on holding the top position, since our next goal was to learn how to control the movement in REVERSE.

Once she was making the eccentric (lowering) motion look easy, we knew it was time to add in some assisted work with partners or bands.

3. Go for the real thing

Finally, you GO FOR IT! A lot of students will surprise themselves when they finally get it.

“Wait, I just DID THAT!”

“I can’t believe how easy it was!”

That is what happens when professional planning & experience come together to achieve any goal or skill.

We are so proud of her and hope this process helps you go after your goals next.

Keep moving,

The Locomotion Team