Rhiannon’s Story – A testimonial of Movement Practice at Loco Motion.

“I always leave feeling more inspired and more myself in a way.”

This week, we get to watch Rhiannon’s story!

In case you haven’t met Rhiannon yet, she has been a student with us for a couple of years now.

Rhiannon had a background in CrossFit, running, cycling, and more. However, there was something missing. Fitness, in it’s traditional sense just wasn’t energizing her anymore. In fact, it was more burning her out than anything. Sadly, this story is very common and at this point I have been able to pin-point it on people when they come in for the first time.

Rhiannon climbing the rope.

“I did start changing habits when I would come home from work. It just opened up a lot for me.”

  • Ever feel like your fitness routine was actually BURNING you out?
  • Ever feel disconnected from your body?
  • Maybe you have that same nagging tightness or pain for years and years…

You’re not alone. As active as she was – it was the simple things like Spinal Waves and Crawling that were not only challenging, but even a bit emotional and confrontational.

And still, she dove into the work with full effort and attentiveness. Rhiannon knew WHY she was here and didn’t shy away from it. It was something she wasn’t going to experience somewhere else and a major reason why we started this work in the first place – to educate people through MOVEMENT and give them the tools to move & feel better for life, physically and emotionally.

So while Rhiannon has accomplished her 60 second handstand & learned new patterns with us, it’s more significant watching her BREAK OLD PATTERNS within her life.

Rhiannon holding a handstand. She recently achieved her 60s hold.

We are so, so proud of her and hope you enjoy her story!

Lets move together,