What are the possibilities?

Last year, Bruce wrote a series of articles on the topic of “Narrative Excavation”; a concept taught to him by Devin Kelley. Immediately I saw the value in this work and its ability to dramatically enhance the ability of our physical practice to help us improve as human beings. All the while, I followed Devin closely and watched as he improved, evolved, and continued to share.

Fast forward to today, and I hang up after a long call with Devin. The question is simple…

”What are the possibilities?”

The question is less important than the timing and placement of it. We had “excavated” as you may say some narratives I was holding, and observing my real time reactions to those seed narratives. I learned to take notice of when I was reacting out of fear instead of responding in line with my values. I also learned to catch my reaction “bubbling” up inside me, observe it, and choose a different response instead. I could feel my presence becoming a bit lighter, a bit happier, & fulfilled through practice, invoking a bit of nostalgia. This is what was possible. One of the many possibilities.

I have not arrived anywhere, and that is not the plan nor the goal. I simply have a tool I am learning to use. Just as the shovel digs a hole, and the pull-up bar develops pulling strength, the narrative excavation practice develops introspection, observation, and the possibility to live in accordance with your values.

So, I wanted to share some answers to the question I had been posed, and then leave the freedom to you to decide if this question makes sense for you to ponder on.

“What are the possibilities when I give up the seed narrative of I am bad, because I am weak and thus cannot provide.”

  • I practice movements I want to practice, as well as the amount that feels right for each day.

  • I waste less time on social media and spend more time productively using it as a tool.

  • I focus on improving my relationships by being present, observing my internal state when I am “triggered” by an event such as a stressful drive, excessive noise (whatever excessive means), or some other action that leads me back to “I am bad”.

  • I can spend more time reading, writing, sharing, and leading. Hence the return of these blog posts.

  • I can write MY story, in whatever way fits my current situation. I can simply be myself, and share it along the way.

So, these are just some of the possibilities. There are many more, and even more to be discovered along the way. These are simply what serve me today, in this moment.

What stories are you telling yourself? Are they helpful, harmful, or maybe both? What are the possibilities for you when you give them up, or even simply by learning to observe them?

These are questions I do not have answers to, but by sharing these questions I hope to inspire you to pause and reflect.

Our fears don’t stop death, they stop life.

– Rickson Gracie

In the meantime, keep practicing!

– Kevin

Training in line with values and interests has yielded physical and mental benefits. Here I practice the Straddle Planche.

Training in line with values and interests has yielded physical and mental benefits. Here I practice the Straddle Planche.