8 Tips for living a healthy lifestyle in 2022

Today will be a sprint! Short, to the point, no fluff. If you can get better at even ONE of these EIGHT things, you will improve the quality of your life. In fact, I recommend focusing on the one which is either the lowest hanging fruit, or whichever you feel will have the biggest impact.

Don’t try to do it all at once!

Ok, if you are ready to commit to improvement in 2022, dive in below.

  1. Sleep. Get to bed earlier. Set a consistent wake-up time. Stick to it.

  2. Eat. Work with a dietitian or trusted coach to find a strategy that works for you, and remember it may not work forever, or all the time. Consistency & Understanding is best.

  3. Move. Move more. More in more ways. Move in more places. Move in more environments. Move more ideas. Move your body! Dance, Sing, Skip, Climb, Crawl, Slither, Run, Slide, Roll, Flip, Twist…

  4. Exercise. Exercise means specific blocks of time with specific goals. Use these to your advantage.

  5. Relationships. Look at relationships like investments. They require time and energy but when they flourish you see a great return. Invest in people worth investing into, and see the returns in your life.

  6. Community. Find people with similar life goals and mindsets and utilize them. Reach out to more people in the communities you are a part of to see what they will do with you.

  7. Breathing. Take time to slow down, breath deeply.

  8. Meditate. Reflect. Journal. Develop an introspective practice.

So, which will it be? Pick one, and e-mail or comment letting us know what it is, and what your EXACT plan is to implement it.

We will break down these 8 through the next few weeks for more detail.