Is time your friend, or foe?

We are all going somewhere – but how is it that we are going?

Are we living slow? Dying fast? And the opposites?

Are we aligned with our mission & vision for our lives and the world? Or are we feeling like we are floundering – even the slightest hint of wind or disturbance enough to completely topple us over.

A question I refer to often when reflecting on my trajectory through this life is the following:

Is time my friend, or foe?

If time is your friend – a lovely and patient one at that…you clearly trust the path you are on.

  • You can stop to “smell the roses” because instead of missing the moment – it is more time well spent.
  • You are doing the hard work, but with ease.
  • You know you are doing what needs doing, in the way it should be done.

Hell, it may even help you on that big project that needs doing.

Time as a friend is a magical thing. Sleep & rest become more cozy. Every step away from work feels like a cold fall evening, with blankets to snuggle into and a crackling fire not far away.

We all got some much needed rest & recovery this week.

Your money compounds with time, known as one of the wonders of the world.

Your relationships deepen. Uncovering and unraveling more layers of the onion that is complex human relationships (and in both scenarios crying will be present).

But what of time as your unruly foe?

We will discuss this next week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, did anything in this writing resonate with you? What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know by commenting below.