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We all think exercise is the best way to get in shape, feel better, and look better…right?

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Well, maybe we can simplify it down in this way but I believe that MOST people are ignoring a form that is IMO more generally beneficial and enjoyable, and that is incorporating TASKS into their day.

So, what is the difference between a task and an exercise? Let us give a simple definition.

An exercise is well defined, typically has an A to B, has a generally “correct” form, and aims for consistency in repetition.

A task is more vague, offers many solutions, has A to B, but also C to E, D to A, etc, and aims for variability & diversity in repetition.

So, why tasks?

Tasks allow us to use our creativity, individual differences in strength, body shapes and segments, and preferences, to solve a physical problem or “movement riddle.” While most coaches teach the squat the same, a task allows whatever type of squat materializes if it solves the given problem.

Where exercises reinforce monotony, tasks allow us to discover our body and its capabilities through intuition and feel.

There are no wrong answers with a task, unless you cannot complete the task with your proposed answer. It is real feedback, and instead of needing a cue from a coach, you learn to adjust and adapt to find one of the acceptable solutions.

Try this – Start standing and place your right hand behind your back. Now, without using that arm, lower yourself down to the floor until you are lying prone. Then, without using the same arm, return to standing. This is an example of a task, with many possible solutions. Maybe you prefer the One arm push-up route, or maybe you find something a bit softer. Either way, the “exercise” already exists within the task. You are “exercising” body/mind.

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